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Hi and welcome.

I decided to share the "In Weal Or Woe" DVD here for everyone to grab. This is an exception, I usually just post scans here, and these entries are friends-locked. So please don't add this journal in hope for more public entries or DVD uploads, because there won't be any. Feel free to comment but please try some respect or this entry will be locked again.

Thanks. And now, on to the real thing...

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It's Christmas and that's the time for presents right? Right. Therefore:

It's request time!

I just can't decide what to scan next, therefore I decided to leave that to you. Ever had a picture of the boys that you really love but it's small and the quality sucks? Leave a comment here, and post the picture in that comment.

Of course I can't promise that I have it (have a few magazines and pamphlets but certainly not all) and if it happens to be from a UV magazine or a Haiiro no ginka, I might not scan it because it ruins the magazine. But hey, maybe you're lucky.

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I decided to post all my "old" scans to this journal as well, so I've got all of them in one place. So don't be surprised if you've seen most of the scans from my next posts before.

Feel free to add this journal, but you won't miss anything, if you don't. I will keep posting the links to direngrey_fotos, diru_nandemo and kaoru_daily(if appropriate).

And now, on to the main thing ^___^ v

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Welcome to kirinuki no mori

This is a place for me to post my scans of Dir en grey articles, posters, etc.

Until now I have posted my scans directly to various communities but now I slowly begin to lose track of my entries and of which scans I already posted. And since I haven't even scanned half of my mags (which means there is a lot more to come), I decided to have my own journal for my scans.

Just scans.

I decided to post them without watermarks, since stuff like that annoys me.
You can use them for whatever you want, for graphics, icons, things like that. All I'm asking for is this:

Comment when you like/take them.
Credit when you use them.
Don't claim them as yours.
Enjoy them.

My sincere thanks for endless patience and all graphic works on this journal go to my dearest scwolf_10k, I couldn't have done it without you.

And thanks to kuroi_sora for translations.