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kirinuki no mori

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This journal is a place for me (mangasakira) to post my scans, so it's easier for me to keep track of my entries. I share them with you, so you may take them and use them for graphics, icons or whatever you want.

It is friends-locked with the sole purpose of keeping unfriendly people out - all the others: feel free to leave a comment to this entry and I'll add you at once.

Please accept the following:

Comment if you like/take them.
Credit if you use them.
Don't claim them as yours.
Enjoy them.

What I would like to see here are people enjoying the scans. I don't expect never-ending gratefulness, a "thanks" from time to time would do.

What I definitely don't want to see: bitching and flaming of anyone who leaves a comment/opinion here. Do that and you're out. Try some respect.

It's my magazines which I've (partly) ruined while scanning and I share them with you, without watermarks and stuff. So I think you should respect my request ^_^